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Thank you for joining us online. COLCC is providing an online experience for people who want to connect, worship, and grow in Christ but are unable to attend services in person. As we adjust to a post-pandemic life, we hope to continue providing this option so online visitors can experience as much Love as they would in person. If you are visiting the COLCC site for the first time online, here is some information that will help you get situated.

Online Accessibility

Hopefully, this site is accessible. If you find that you're having trouble navigating the site or things don't seem right, please send us a message.

Members of Cathedral

If you have joined COLCC and are a member, you can get access to the Members-only pages, which will give you access to bible study recordings and other important information.

Dress Code

Sunday Service Online: Our Sunday Worship Service is streamed live. The video communication is strictly one-way. You can see the service live but no one can see you.

Bible Study (and other Zoom events): Our Zoom meetings and events are normally two-way video (meaning you can see others and they can see you). Zoom meetings and events are regular church events so dress is generally business casual. Some may choose to dress a little more casual but appropriate for a church-related activity.

Viewing the Sunday Worship Service

Sunday Worship Services at the Cathedral of Love Community Church begin at 11:00 AM immediately after prayer. The stream usually starts 5 or 10 minutes before. Visit our About page to see the Church’s beliefs, mission, and vision. Services generally last around 2 hours. Sometimes a stream may end early in which case the Seed Faith or Benediction may not be streamed. Below is a typical service order:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Praise and Worship
  • Welcome
  • Giving
  • Announcements
  • Sermonic Selection (Song or Dance)
  • Sermon
  • Seed Faith
  • Benediction

Participating in the Wednesday Night LIT Bible Study

COLCC Corporate Bible Study (corporate means everyone can participate) begins promptly at 7:00 PM via Zoom. Meeting information is sent to members (and guests) usually 1-2 hours before bible study is scheduled to begin. If you are not currently a member of COLCC and would like to join bible study, please contact the office. Visit our About page to see the Church’s beliefs, mission, and vision. Bible study generally last about 1 hour.

Communicating and Staying Connected

An important part of your spiritual journey is to communicate and connect with other believers. Just as Jesus walked alongside the disciples, you were not meant to walk alone. If you're mostly gonna participate online then a lot of your interpersonal communication would happen through bible study. Below are some other ways to stay connected:

Prayer. If you would like to participate in prayer, you can join the Monday night Prayer-by-Phone at 7:00 PM (See the Upcoming Events on the homepage for more info). If you need prayer, do not hesitate to go to the Prayer page. There, you can request prayer for you or a situation. You can also request that someone contact you.

General Chat. During most online meetings and events, a chat option is available. This is one of the ways online viewers of Sunday Worship services connect and encourage one another.

Social Media. COLCC has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. You may choose to engage with others through these communication outlets.

Need more? Please contact the office and indicate what your needs are.

Online Experience Suggestions

If you have any suggestion for how we might be able to improve the online connection for people, please let us know by filling out this Suggestion form.